Review: The Net Ninja Vue.JS tutorial

The Net Ninja Vue.js tutorial on Youtube consists of 44 free to access videos ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length. The course is an in-depth introduction to the core features of Vue.js including the basic setup and coding. It also covers Webpack setup, props & events, and more advanced topics such as routing and HTTP/GET request handling.

Why Vue?

Earlier this year I completed over 30 hours of React.js training and put together a number of single-page apps (SPA). While I was impressed with the power of React, for most of my work a full implementation seemed like overkill. I looked around for an alternative that could be used to quickly integrate features into existing web pages but also capable of creating complex, fully featured SPAs. With its small size, excellent performance, and the ease of embedding into existing pages, Vue seemed worthy of further investigation.

The Net Ninja Tutorial

I searched around for a decent training course. I liked The Net Ninja tutorial from the beginning. The creator Shaun works rapidly but clearly through the concepts with real-world examples for you to try. Recordings are well paced and the image quality is good and easy to read. Shaun also tells you about the tools he uses to code so you can duplicate his environment while learning.


I worked my way through the tutorial and made rapid progress. I’m already confident enough with Vue to be able to use it in live projects. This is a testament to both the ease and flexibility of Vue.js and Shaun’s excellent teaching.


Shaun’s Net Ninja Vue.js tutorial videos on Youtube are a quick and easy way to learn Vue. I’m looking forward to working through the more advanced features while also using my current knowledge in real-world projects.

If you would like to try Shaun’s tutorial series, visit his Net Ninja Vue JS tutorial series.

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