Review: Scrimba interactive screencasts

I recently had the pleasure to discover Scrimba, an interactive screencast tool that’s really useful for creating coding courses and other training materials. The company is based in Norway, though materials are in (excellent) English, and the current software is currently available in Beta.

Simply, it allows the creation of video coding courses that are also interactive. You watch a section of the video which is showing coding along with commentary – pretty much the same as you’ll see on Youtube. Where it differs is that at any stage you can pause the video and interact with the code, seeing how your changes alter the behaviour. Once you’ve finished, you click to allow the video to continue and the code reverts to the tutorial version and the course carries on.

I took advantage of one of their free courses to revise my knowledge of CSS Grid before using it in some projects. I found it to be an excellent training medium, bringing together the best features of Youtube tutorial videos and training environments such as Codecademy.

Check out – particularly their free training resources such as their Learn Flexbox for free course.

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