Review: Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp (FCC) is a free structured web development course. It consists of three main certifications (Front-End Development, Data Visualisation, and Back-End Development) which are complemented by additional resources focussed on associated areas such as computer basics and Google Chrome Developer Tools. Core technologies for the front-end certificate are HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and jQuery.

I’ve spent some time looking through the resources and I’m very impressed so far. Each area of study is broken down into many steps, each with tasks to complete to reinforce the point learned. Once a body of knowledge has been completed, there are projects to complete to further challenge you. Later on, there are sections, particularly for Javascript, which challenge your skills to quite an advanced level. Learning is further supported by a very active and supportive learning community in their online forum.

I’m probably biased here because many of the core technologies tally with my current skills set. The subject areas are well suited to an aspiring front-end web developer and the challenges look to be a good test of the skills learned. Students are encouraged to produce a working website from a fairly early stage, which I also believe is a very positive approach.

My own skills are quite well developed when it comes to many of the areas covered but I believe that a complete revision of my existing skills plus the addition of new ones is a good step to take as I move into full-time web development. I plan to complete the FCC Front-End Web Development Certificate, as work allows, and I’ll post a follow-up review of this course once I’ve completed it.

For more information, visit the Free Code Camp website.

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