Questback / Unipark EFS custom user-defined survey questions (Question type: 911)

Questback EFS is a SAAS market-research tool used by many of the world’s major enterprises and research organisations across a wide range of industries. Their customers include Sky, Danfoss, Gallup, and GESIS.

Unipark EFS is Questback’s Academic program which offers discounted access to key survey software. Thousands of students and post-graduates from over 400 universities have completed their degrees and Ph.D. theses using the software.

EFS provides a simple interface to allow users to create complex surveys with a wide range of question types. Where the standard questions do not provide the exact functionality that the user requires, the software also provides a special question type called a “Custom user-defined question” (question type: 911). By using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, it is possible to create bespoke questions that give the user the precise behaviour they need to gather the data that they need.

I’ve recently been working with a specialist quantitative and qualitative market research company to develop bespoke questions to meet their customers’ needs. This has allowed me to develop significant experience with setting up surveys and, in particular, with writing 911 custom user-defined questions. My Javascript programming knowledge has enabled me to develop questions with complex behaviour that goes far beyond the standard functionality offered through the standard EFS question types. My knowledge of HTML and CSS has allowed me to add advanced styling to a variety of question types.

If you need help with EFS, and particularly if you need help with developing bespoke 911 questions, please get in touch through my website.


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