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Lorem Ipsum is a form of dummy or placeholder text used in publishing and web development. When you want to concentrate on site layout, it is useful to insert dummy text to get a better idea of what the final product will look like without waiting for the web content to be finalised, and it helps a customer concentrate of the design elements of the layout without being distracted by the content.

The text has its origins in “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. An unknown printer in the 16th Century took a part of this text and scrambled the words to produce the version we still use today.

Here’s an example of what the Lorem Ipsum text looks like:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam purus ante, congue et tristique vitae, suscipit in magna. Sed leo nibh, iaculis sit amet diam blandit, aliquet pulvinar nisl. Nunc enim mauris, facilisis id hendrerit eu, tempus a nisl. Quisque fringilla blandit mauris, a fermentum augue dictum at. Duis vel neque mattis, euismod diam id, gravida purus. Aliquam aliquet, ex non pulvinar fringilla, ipsum diam blandit odio, quis aliquam ex lorem eu nulla. Maecenas arcu nibh, tempus a sodales quis, mollis eget nibh. Fusce maximus consequat dui, id dapibus tellus pharetra pellentesque. Sed venenatis sodales mi, sed viverra velit luctus nec. Cras mi augue, rhoncus sed aliquet vitae, dignissim ut dolor. Pellentesque eros quam, cursus a sollicitudin sed, porttitor quis dui. In pharetra gravida erat, a tristique nulla dignissim ut. Phasellus a nulla mattis, scelerisque ex a, aliquet urna. Fusce porta molestie est, ut mollis massa consectetur ut.

Curabitur id elit porta, maximus eros vitae, efficitur turpis. Pellentesque id vehicula enim. Ut vel enim ullamcorper, ornare erat sit amet, tristique velit. Suspendisse quis diam viverra, tempor ipsum nec, fermentum dui. Sed mattis enim ornare risus tincidunt, sed placerat enim pellentesque. Nulla aliquet pulvinar venenatis. Integer venenatis nec enim quis gravida. Morbi sem diam, tempor quis ligula a, placerat tincidunt erat. Proin quam augue, ultrices in purus id, cursus ullamcorper nulla. Fusce iaculis lectus turpis, eu congue sem volutpat fermentum. Cras at nulla efficitur, aliquet arcu non, rutrum neque. Vestibulum at ex placerat odio euismod pharetra.

Lorem Ipsum is very useful for web developers. There are many online text generators available for us to use. My personal favourite is lipsum.com. This site allows us to quickly generate a body of text to suit our requirements. Options allow you to specify the size of the block (in paragraphs, words, or bytes) and whether the text is in list form. It’s a great tool to use when you’re building a website, and it’s also very useful when you want to give a customer a range of design options to choose from.

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