Example: New community development charity website

Summary: Developing a new website for community development registered charity MVCAP

Resources: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Pixlr, Inkscape, Formspree

Notes: MVCAP approached me to develop a new website for them. Historically they’ve had conventional multi-page websites with a large amount of organisational information – most recently using Weebly. The client felt that they wanted a cleaner, more mobile responsive website to deliver their core messages.

The brief was to develop an attractive but simple website to feature their current projects and the services they provide, along with a simple email contact form. Due to their size, the budget was limited and they wanted the new website in place quickly. I was engaged to develop the website and write the web content for the new site.

The final site was delivered and made live one week after the brief was agreed. Feedback from their stakeholders has been extremely positive.

Due to the constraints, we agreed that a template-based approach was the best way to proceed. Following discussions we settled on the Freelancer One Page template from Iron Summit Media Strategies which in turn is based on the Flatly theme from Bootswatch. Freelancer One is published under the MIT license and so is free to use and modify.

While Freelancer One ticked a lot of boxes, it was not perfect for the customer’s needs. I modified the template to give them the look that they wanted and updated the email contact coding to reflect their needs and to connect to the Formspree.io email service. For the charity’s projects, I created new graphics using Inkscape and Pixlr.

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