Example: Hannigan’s Tea Shoppe

Summary: Demonstration of a low-cost two-page build for a traditional tea shop and cafe.

Resources: Weebly.

Notes: This site demonstrates how a site can be built quickly and simply using the Weebly site builder. This example is for a traditional tea room with a simple approach to content and extensive use of images. The main page contains the key information and there is a menu page listing the dishes on offer.

This type of build is suitable for a small business that wants to have a web presence to attract customers. The budget required for this type of site is small and ongoing maintenance costs are minimal.

Hosting is free from Weebly.com and the site domain is a subdomain, free from Weebly. Images are sourced through Wikimedia Creative Commons images. SSL certification is provided by Weebly.

Link: Hannigan’s Tea Shoppe

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