Becoming a freelance web developer: the die is cast

I’ve decided to move into being a full-time freelance web developer. It’s a natural progression from where I’ve been over the last few years.

I’ve been working with websites in one way or another for a very long time. As a Unix systems administrator, setting up web servers and creating web-based documentation was a frequent part of my role. When I took over the running of a local community development charity, I created a lot of websites for the charity itself and its customers, which were small charities and community groups. More recently, working as a freelance copywriter, I’ve regularly been asked by clients to not only write web content but also to put it on their websites and even redesign their whole web presence.

My HTML and CSS skills are strong, I’ve got some experience with Bootstrap and Javascript, and I have a grounding in WordPress. I’m aware that I need to sharpen these skills further and extend my range of skills before this new project goes live, but the decision is made. I’ll document the learning process in this blog including a review of the resources I use.

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